Marilyn O'Connor Miller - Illustation by Shelly O. Haas

Featuring 'Tiffany' or 'Piccolo'

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Marilyn O'Connor Miller is a multimedia storyteller with a style and presentation all her own. Equally effective performing with puppets or masks, she moves through her stories with elegant minimalism sometimes using mime and music.

Engaging and delightfully imaginative in her use of ethnic accents, dialects and character voices, Marilyn weaves carefully chosen folk and fairy tales from many lands to delight children and to awaken the child within.

Marilyn offers storytelling with "Dual-Focus" performing for children and adults tailored to your time and budget.

"Marilyn O'Connor Miller uses many unique and creative enhancements in performance… from masks to puppets. What makes her performances exceptional is that these enhancements never overwhelm her story or the art of her telling. This gives listeners a unique experience that renders her performances accessible and enchanting to a wide range of ages. It also makes her programs particularly effective with both audiences who have not experienced storytelling before and those who are seasoned listeners. Her stories are told with quiet, compelling authority and include moral tales that are pleasingly free of didacticism. Sit as I did and watch the faces of her listeners. You will see the invisible threads that she casts between herself and the hearts and minds of her audience. You will see the unforgettable sight of eyes lit with laughter and delight."...Kate McClelland, Storyteller, Assistant Director & Director of Youth Services, Perrot Memorial Library, Old Greenwich, CT

Illustrated By Shelly O. Haas

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